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Sometimes simple pieces of advice help make the journey bearable when the going gets rough. Kendall is not afraid of spinning out well-worn phrases when he knows they connect deeply with the psyche of his audience. “Keep movin,’ you still have a chance.” “Just get through today, let tomorrow worry about itself.” “Be what you should be not what you are!” The careful observer sees audience members respond with overt and covert signs of affirmation when these and other self-help mantras are spoken or sung.

Kendall’s voice has deep, rich tones and he knows how to control his voice and successfully convey the message he so deeply believes in. His band (Damon DueWhite on drums and percussion; Emanuel Gatewood on bass; and Adam Klipple on keyboard) is the perfect complement to Kendall’s vocal craft.

                  - David Roberts, THEATRE REVIEWS LIMITED, NEW YORK


“What really makes ‘Picture Complete’ sing is author-star Trent Armand Kendall who not only has an amazing voice but also moves smoothly and skillfully between comedic and serious movements. The upbeat message of his show is that if the picture is incomplete, it’s because there’s always more to learn. IT’S A PLEASURE TO HEAR HIM TEACH.” **** Stars

                   -Lisa Levinson. TIME OUT, NEW YORK


“Trent Armand Kendall has a ferocious talent. By the time his one-man musical ends, he is wrung out and we are infused with the kind of glow that only a superlative performance can kindle. In 90 minutes, he sings, creates a number of absolutely delicious characters, descends into the audience to work the crowd and even turns somersaults. This is a highly enjoyable and satisfying evening.”

                      -Clifford Johnson III, BACKSTAGE


“This 90 minute tour-de-force performance is uniquely Trent Armand Kendall’s. With a blend of humor, humanity and self-awareness the show is altogether endearing and delightful. Mr. Trent is an extremely gifted performer with a show-stopping Broadway voice and some surprisingly soft shoes for a man of his build. His talent as a character actor is also striking. His passion, his connection to the work and his enthusiasm all show. He delivers what can only be described a truly excellent 90 minutes of live theatre and music. It is also a great idea that he has teamed up with a host of other obviously talented artists such as Michael Polese who wrote the music, Greg Ganakas who directs and of course his band, Adam Klipple, Sam Minaie and Michael Nappi, who back him up brilliantly.”

                          -Brad Lee Thomason, nytheatre.com


“ ‘Picture Incomplete’ is an ode to joy and discovery. It’s is a little bit Stew in ‘Passing Strange’, a little bit Eddie Murphy, a little bit Tyler Perry and a whole lot of Trent Kendall who is certainly up to the job at hand. He is personable and endowed with a powerful and sensitive voice. And yes, he is quite FUNNY! The songs by the gifted Michael Polese are philosophical, soul searching, foot stomping and questioning. Most impressive is the title song. The arrangements are incredible. So will ‘Picture Incomplete’ make it to Broadway? It’s off to a great start.”

                          -Oscar E. Moore, TalkEntertainment.com


“ ‘Picture Incomplete’ is jolting. It puts Trent Armand Kendall to better use than any of his previous Broadway shows. He is magnetically memorable as he captures, in color-suffused detail and supple voice, the feel and the sound of structured New York loneliness. The steel-throated Kendall is at once a huggable lug of a stage presence as well as a startling versatile character actor. The show transports you, which is more than many of the bigger musicals can manage. Mr. Kendall proves that heart is all you really need. And he’s got more than enough heart to sculpt the whole Upper West Side.”

                            -Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway


“Trent Armand Kendall’s ‘Picture Incomplete’ is a revelation. It is FUNKY. It is FIERCE. It is FABULOUS. Kendall examines what it means to be a human being lending his rich and soaring tenor to the words and music of collaborator Michael Polese.”

                          -David Robert Hurst , Next Magazine, New York


“The name of Trent Armand Kendall is hardly unfamiliar to New York’s cultural intelligentsia or the worldwide sphere, whether for his work on Broadway or concerts both here and abroad. But it is with his unequivocally prodigious ‘Picture Incomplete’ that he is afforded the chance to dazzle as never before. He accomplishes something here that goes way beyond his foreknown talents as a singer and physical acrobat. In this show he is at long last allowed to display his incredible prowess as an actor beyond belief. Written in tandem with the outstanding and brilliant composer/lyricist, Michael Polese, the show glistens with impeccable luster. Kendall completely slays the throng. Both he and ‘Picture Incomplete’ deserve as much attention as possible. Please pay attention. This show is simply too good to miss.”

                           -Andrew Martin, Nightlife Exchange


A one man musical...Sounds ambitious, right? It sounds kind of dangerous to me to be completely honest. I mean... Could you imagine one person not only acting out multiple characters, but singing in different styles to compliment those characters, doing call and response MUSICAL dialogue on key, rapidly making costume changes, doing choreography and blocking dance moves not only for themselves, but the other self they will have to be after the key change, and trying to potentially partner dance with alone? My God...It sounds like an identity crisis waiting to happen... Or schizophrenia celebrated in front of a velvet curtain (But honey, if they EVER do "Sybil" the musical- I will be first in line... NOW THAT would be ENTERTAINING. Okay... I'm done.

All jokes aside... I have to thank Judy Jacksina (press agent extraordinaire) for continuing to invite me to these interesting shows, because Trent Armand Kendall gave me precisely what I never knew I would need in a type of show that I never really imagined seeing... "Picture Incomplete", his one man musical is surely a sight to behold.

Ballsy, brazen, brutally honest, unapologetic, vulnerable, soul bearing, fearless, self actualizing, engaging, humorous, and full of love... "Picture Incomplete" paints a completely vivid, truthful, and endearing picture into the realities of not only his life... but the lives of so many. It is the type of show that no matter who you are... You can connect and relate to; but in the way of the black, gay, star crossed, talented, hungry, mid west/down south, home grown, African American man that migrates to New York to escape the oppression of a place and people he must call his own, but never felt like home, not looking back and pursuing a career in entertainment while maintaining a way of survival in the city through the squalor of his 20's and up... IT IS THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!

His show is like looking into the mirror... and all of the black queens in the house were gagging I tell you- GAGGING! If not choking on laughter, coughing up an "amen, halelloo" of agreeance, or trying to catch their breath because a profound truth was spoken that left them breathless. I love when an artist can illustrate their point and invite you into their world/share their truth- pain included... Without becoming a self loathsome victim to it. I love it when an artist can paint their victories in a hue that make you happy for them opposed to trying to make you feel envious because their way is braggadocios. I love it when an artist does these things unapologetically because they are confident enough in their craft to know that what they are sharing is a gift- and that you can trust them to not only entertain you, but feed your soul and spirit with something healthy, rather you are realizing it or not.

All of these things that I love, were fully represented in "Picture Incomplete".

I walked away not only being able to say that I liked the show, but that I felt uplifted... Also with a sense of complete respect for the artist. That's awesome.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it- do yourself a favor the next time the opportunity presents itself and GO!

                              -Kuale, SUBURBAN UNDERGROUND TV
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